Flight Level: Fly or Fold



One Sunday I was sitting in church listening to my Pastor preach and he used the analogy of the chicken vs. the eagle. He talked about how the eagle was meant to fly high verses the chicken is meant to remain at ground level.

Flight level is the vertical altitude at standard pressure. Pressure causes a higher level of flight. This means the greater the pressure, the higher the potential! I say potential because its your decision to fly or not. So if you choose to not fly the pressure has a counter effect and it’ll either push you to fly or it’ll push you to fold. As humans, we resent pressure because it makes us uncomfortable but we should really use it to our advantage!

Some of us are not meant to stay on the ground. However, some will chose to.

Some people enjoy ground level. This is the level of little to no responsibility. This is the level of “commonality.” This is the level of little to no progress.

Some people make to the tree tops. At this level, people do enough to say “I’m trying to do better for myself,” but they really don’t go the extra mile.

Then there are those who experience the mountain tops and beyond. One thing about this level is there’s not much air up there. It’s uncomfortable because of the oxygen level. This lets us know that the pressure is intense. But that only means that the potential to fly higher is greater! Many people want to experience the higher flight level but they’re not able to handle the pressure of that flight level.

Before you advance to any level, tolerance is built by applying the pressure for that particular level. So in reality, you actually GROW into higher heights! You’re not BORN in to higher heights. You have to grow with the pressure.

You can always tell when elevation is coming because the pressure level changes. Once the pressure changes, you then have the opportunity to either fly or fold!

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