Action and Reaction


I remember going through a situation and it drew a lot of people to look at me. I knew that people were waiting to see how I would respond or what my reaction would be. Using wisdom, I didn’t give a reaction. Not that I didn’t want to, I just knew that the wrong reaction would actually make the situation itself worse than it had to be. So I waited it out.

One night, as i was sitting in my room writing, I started thinking about the situation. At first, I was frustrated because the situation had created some what of a crowd. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t draw a lot of attention to myself. I am very friendly and out going but I am also reserved and private. So the fact that I had an audience really made me upset! But when I thought about it from a different perspective, I realized that the situation could actually be a benefit to me. The fact was that the situation warranted a reaction and I had the power to either give a good reaction or a bad one. Knowing that I was only 2 weeks away from going public with my blog, I figured that it would be wise to not give a bad reaction and kill my audience. Instead, I decided to use it to my advantage! Since there was already an audience built, even if it was under unfortunate circumstances, this could work. So I remained focused.

I waited until the time was right and I reacted. My reaction was totally not what people expected. Instead of hitting the people with a bashing statement, I came with hope and inspiration.

Often times we give the wrong reaction and we mess up opportunities! I’m sure you’re asking, “how could my bad situation be an opportunity?” Well, you have people looking at you; waiting for you to act foolish because that’s what society has planted in our minds! Instead of doing that, use the situation as a platform for something greater!

The crowd has been assembled…the room is full of open ears…they’re ready to hear from you…you’re called to the podium…what will you say?

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  1. I totally agree! People are always waiting around to see the reaction of a situation. If the reaction was getting someone told off and acting out. It would have been news for those itchy ears and gossip for those talking lips. But it is the Holy Spirit that had you to do the opposite. I love you for who you are! Keep the inspirational coming!

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