See Yourself The Way God Sees You!


No parent wants less or mediocre for their children. Parents don’t want their children living in lack or beneath their means. Parents desire to see their children happy, successful and prosperous. Ask yourself a question, would you rather see your child struggling to survive and barely making it, or would you much rather enjoy visiting your child in celebration of the purchasing their first home or meeting their new business partners for their next big investment? Although happiness is not necessarily defined by a dollar amount, it is often connected to it some kind of way.

I often times find myself looking for the next “Big Storm” to come through and wipe out everything my husband and I have been blessed with. It all seems so unreal that this is my life! Sometimes it seems like so much of a fairytale to me until I sit and think of a plan because I’m expecting something disastrous to happen and take it all away! Then He reminds me of what my parent wants for me! My Heavenly Father desires for me to live a happily successful and prosperous life! Now, I find myself saying “God, help me to see me the way you see me!” I remind myself that He wants me to prosper, just as any good parent would!

It’s not humility when you down play the favor of God on your life. It’s not an honor to God when we push away the blessings of Him. It’s almost like slapping Him in the face. How would you feel if you gave someone a gift for their birthday and they held on to the receipt because they didn’t know how to receive the gift with thanksgiving, but instead, they were paranoid. They didn’t take ownership of the gift that you got for them just to let them know that they are appreciated and they deserve it! It would, in turn, make you feel unappreciated. Would you take the time to try to explain to them how much they mean to you and how much they deserve the gift? What if this happened every time you decided to do something nice for them? It wouldn’t be a good feeling, I’m sure. So why do we do this with the blessings in our lives? Embrace the person that you are to Him!

-If only You could see Yourself the way He sees You!!

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  1. That was amazing and so true! Thanks for sharing and bringing light to situations we don’t pay attention to.

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