Have you ever given thought to how important your vision is? I mean really thinking about how life would be without being able to see? Not being able to drive, not walking independently without some sort of aid, or not being able to make some decisions on your own. Our vision gives us more options in life.
Blind people walk around and feel for things in order to identify their location. In some cases, they have to rely on something or someone else to help them perform their daily duties. Studies show that blind people’s functioning senses are more keen because of their vision impairment. Can you imagine, not moving because you’re waiting for a certain sound to verify your location? Or what about searching for a certain scent to confirm your direction? Or worse, what if you had to rely on feeling your way around in order to decide which action to take? I know, it seems like it would be a difficult life to live. But what if I said, even with perfect vision, we do this often.
Sometimes, we can be found walking according to FEELINGS. Maybe not the physical act of placing ones hands on an object, but the act of using emotions as hands to determine the reaction. This is caused by blurred or impaired vision. I’m not referring to our physical eyes, here. I’m talking about our perception, our insight or our observation.
When our vision is blurred, we find other things to rely on in order to make our decisions. And this not a good thing, especially when we have the capability to function with vision. We may still be walking but now we walk at a much slower pace. Our blurred vision causes us to bump into things, we make the wrong turns, we may wear mismatch clothes…the point is, we make a lot of mistakes that wouldn’t be made if we were seeing clearly. We must make every effort to ensure that our vision remains clear so that we don’t rely on our feelings to make decisions. Being able to see clearly provides you with more opportunities!
Blurred vision can be caused by uncleanliness, clutter, darkness, or even misguidance. Whatever the cause is, YOU have to fix it! Your future depends on it! Your dream depends on it! Your vision depends on it!

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