IMG_0099I’ve always been big on setting goals. Some goals have been reachable but then others have been VERY unrealistic! My mind wonders a lot and sometimes I trick myself into thinking that I can jump off of buildings and pick up cars! Not literally, but you get the point. I dream big! I visualize big! I plan big! I think big! Although sometimes my big plan may not play out exactly the way I imagined it, it puts me in motion! I find myself researching more. I start looking for people that are skilled in that particular area. I develop a sense of tunnel vision because my drive is so strong at that point. That is until I become distracted by something or I become discouraged because my big dream isn’t coming together. Instead of refueling the fire, I just let it burn out. I give up on the big dream and I just go back to the normal default everyday mindset, which is go to work to get a check and go home to rest from work. I convince myself that my life is fine, I have enough, and they’ll be times in the future for big dreams and plans. Then It happens! Complacency kicks in! I develop this contentment and this mind set of, just be thankful for what you’ve already accomplished and stop chasing the impossible! Ah, that contentment.

Being content can be a good or bad thing. It can be good because it shows a sense of satisfaction and gratefulness, plus it goes against greed. Then again it can be bad because it could cause a person to settle and be comfortable with one place- this is where complacency comes in. Have you ever had an idea that you were so excited about and so pumped to get started on but somewhere down the line you got unmotivated and you just settled? The idea was still there but you decided to not push through with it. You decided that you didn’t want to give the effort to birth the idea. Your drive started to decrease and your excitement dwindled. After a while, you just decided to put it on the back burner and just remain in the same position. This links to complacency! Complacency kills your drive! Never be comfortable with the amount of knowledge you have. Don’t be comfortable with remaining at the same level. Continue to grow and learn more. Push yourself beyond your limits!

Complacency kills! Defeat it with growth!

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