Face and Confront


It is so easy to have the “just cut them off” mindset. How many times have we found ourselves cutting people off and ex-communicating ourselves with others? Instead of repairing or mending relationships, we’ve become accustomed to just leaving things as they are. But what happens when we are faced with the same situation but with a different person? Will we just develop a habit of cutting people off because its easier to do? Why is it hard for us to face and confront? Do we leave situations as they are because it’s really the best thing to do or is it because we would much rather not deal with the real issues at hand? Are we really being the bigger person by walking away from others when situations arise of are we really just copping out and using the situation as an excuse to end a relationship?

What if that person is connected to your purpose or your destiny? What if you’re cutting off someone who really has your best interest at heart? Sometimes our feelings and our emotions trick us into thinking that we shouldn’t have to face and confront because we are so hurt. So, if we go through life with the shallow mindset of “cut off those who offend me,” we’ll never have friends or family, for that matter. This level of emotionalism causes instability in any relationship.

Sincerely take a moment to evaluate. Out of all the questions I’ve asked in this blog, I need you to ask yourself these two. How many people have YOU offended in your life? And how many chose to still be connected to you after YOU offended them?

I encourage you to mend those relationships. Repair them. Build them stronger.
Life is too great to be hindered by your emotions.

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  1. Thank you! I’ve never looked at things in this perspective and it opens my mind and heart to think about it and receive what has been deposited. TGBTG

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