Wrong Exit


Sometimes, because of disappointment, hurt, feelings, emotions, uncertainty, insecurities, ignorance, lack of wisdom, or even just poor choices, we take the exit too soon or we drive too far before getting off….which leads us to the wrong destination in life. I’ve made countless decisions, and I still do today, that have lead me down the wrong road. But ultimately, it all comes back to ME taking the wrong exit. One way or another, I either missed my exit or I drove too far and I passed my exit. So, I ended up in unfamiliar territory that was never meant for me. How? I’m glad you asked…

I allowed my emotions to make decisions on behalf of my future…I think i took the wrong exit.

I decided that today will be a day that will be steered and controlled by my feelings, yea, I took the wrong exit.

I purposely made the wrong decision because I was seeking revenge at someone…maybe that lead me to the wrong exit.

I felt as if someone was coming for me, so I got out of character to defend my name…but that only took me to the wrong exit.

I thought the situation would change so I stayed longer than I should…and that’s how I took the wrong exit.

I didn’t take the time to get an understanding so I jumped to conclusions and took the wrong exit.

I was following the person in front of me because I wanted to be like them so bad…but that exit was for them and not for me, so now I’m lost.

We were all headed the same way and I wanted to stick with the people that I knew…but I did not know that this exit was not meant for me.

I gave the wrong reaction without thinking…now I’m trying to find a way to turn around because I got off the wrong exit.

No matter how you got there, the wonderful things about exits are, they are always accompanied by a way back onto the interstate. If there is a ramp to exit, there has to be a ramp to enter! Once you take the wrong exit, don’t just turn on any road and wonder around. Simply find the ramp to get back on the interstate and find your designated exit!!!

Remember, exits don’t move.

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