Who Do You Think You Are?


Have you ever met a person who thinks they are able to do any and everything? Or what about the person who’s always doing something and chasing crazy dreams? Some people make you look at them and think, “Who do they think they are?” I’m talking about folks that would much rather chase their dreams all day in hopes of making a living from being an entrepreneur in a business that no one has ever heard of but them. People that always have their head up as if they don’t have bad days. People that always appear to be excited about life as if they don’t have any troubles. I’m talking about the one that thinks they’re so different from everybody else. What about the one that esteems themselves higher than the average? I’m referring to the people that feel the need to make you feel like you could be doing a little more with your life than you’re doing. Yea, those people. These are the people that leave you thinking after they’ve left you. These are the people who challenge your thinking pattern and your daily habits. Maybe they’re one of the people who say “Yea, you did good…but you can still do better.” The one that has so much confidence in themselves until it shows in everything they do. It seems like everything they do is on purpose. Everything has reasoning behind it. It appears as if they have life figured out. Yea, that person. Guess what? That person is Me!

No, I do not have life figured out. No, I do not esteem myself higher than everybody else. And yes, I do have bad days as well as troubles. However, I am that person that loves to challenge your way of thinking. I am that person that wants you to question if you are living up to your full potential or if you are selling yourself short. So, ask me the question…Who do you think you are? I’ll tell you proudly. I am the person that once walked with her head down because I was drowning in insecurities. I am the person who once gave myself to a man because he told me that I was pretty and to me it meant the world. I am the person who, at one point, did not have any dreams or goals. I am not the car that I drive neither am I the house that I live in. But I am the lady who knows that I am wonderfully and uniquely made and no ones opinion of me can change my perception of me! I am confidently me! Not in a bragging or boastful manner but once you’ve been bound by the opinions and perceptions of others, you become excited at the opportunity to “re-introduce” yourself! After finally realizing my purpose in life, now, I am the person who has now dedicated my life and everything I have to encouraging and uplifting others. Male or female, black or white, young or old, my goal is to inspire and push. You don’t have to like me, although I would like you to, I just want you to excel! I want you to be able to answer the same question with confidence and certainty. When folks ask “Who do you think you are?,” you should be able to confidently speak and tell them, “I am exactly the person that you think l am! I am the one that has obviously caught your attention and is making you wonder about something.” Not in a cocky way but in a grasping way. When you can confidently be your own person with a mindset to push others and not to draw attention, it brings people to question you.

So, I ask you, “Who do you think you are?”

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  1. I love this!!!!!! Just what I needed on this blessed morning! Have an awesome day Kaneshia!!

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