Do It For Yourself


Society has us thinking that our motivation comes from outside sources. We’ve  grasped that mentality and ran with it so far, until it has become our dependency for action. It’s not enough to just be motivated to be successful because we believe in ourselves any more. We have a tendency to search for motivation from an outside source. Be motivated for yourself! If you really think about the concept of being motivated by hate; after all, that’s exactly what it is, you should ask yourself what happens if the “hating” stops? Because sometimes our haters are imaginary, sometimes the hating is temporary- they just might become your friend, sometimes its not hating at all- It’s the truth that we don’t wanna hear. Whatever the case may be, be your own motivation. Stop making decisions based on the opinions of other people. With this mindset, you’ll always be dependent on an action or an incident to do something. Do it for yourself, with no outside motivation, no paranoia that people are talking about you, no fuel from nay-sayers, just a determination to get it! Make a self-declaration that you want to do it for yourself! When you decide to do it for yourself, none of the distractions of haters, the distractions of life, the failures, nor the mistakes will be able to stop you! There will be an inward motivation that pushes you beyond the limits of any ulterior motive or open snare. We mess up when we use the opinions of other people to push us! Facebook statuses and memes have taken the place of soul searching and practical thinking. We get a temporary high from the shallow posts but it fails to produce a long term motivation. Nothing develops from it but the thought of someone that relates to the post. Nothing is gained but a vapor of an image that never develops into reality. Why? Because there is no foundation, there is no real breeding ground, only the emotional opinion of someone that just so happens to identify with your situation. But what happens when you can’t find the perfect post or the perfect meme? Just do it for yourself!

Not for the Vine, not for Facebook, not for the haters, not even to prove others wrong, but Do It For Yourself!

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