Majoring In The Minors

IMG_0141Growing up, many times I got it backwards. I put my social life before my family. I put fun before responsibility. I put appearance before actual substance. I even put church before God! Now, before someone calls me, I’m not saying church isn’t important- I’m simply saying that I thought it was more important to be at church on Sunday than to actually have a relationship with God outside of church. I was majoring in the minors and didn’t even know it! I was more concerned about looking like someone important than actually being important. I majored in the minors for a loooong time and truth be told, I still find myself doing it. How many times have we made a big deal about being betrayed by so called friends but we forget to love and appreciate the family members that are there? How many times have we overspent to buy a certain brand of something but we neglect to make sure we have gas money? How many times have we wasted valuable time and energy trying to make a point to someone who shouldn’t even have a voice in our decision making? We spend time trying to prove, trying to impress, and trying to be- and we end up missing the big picture! We start looking at who don’t like us and what someone thinks about us. When we make these things major, we find ourselves altering our mindset and our daily habits according to their opinions of us. Or, we find ourselves getting caught up in shallow stuff like the latest trends and the hot topics of society, when in reality, those things change with the wind! Don’t major in the minors and lose focus on what really matters! In my photo, both jars are full but one contains all of the elemens and the other appears to have the bigger objects on top because they wouldn’t fit in the jar! Your life is the jar, once you place the bigger objects inside first, the smaller elements will fit around the bigger and everything will fit! But because the smaller elements were put in the jar first, that left little to no room for the bigger elements which in this case, represents the major!

Minors are only meant to be backdrops for the bigger picture, the Majors!

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    1. I learn something new everyday, thank you for letting God use you in a special way.

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