Get Finished!

IMG_0143Ask yourself this, what am I waiting on to finish? Why am I not pursuing? When I have an idea, I am so vigorous until i can’t sleep. I’m constantly planning and writing in pursuit of my idea! The idea becomes my topic in every conversation and it becomes a major focus for me. I chase it hard! I educate myself about it! I even communicate with people that may be able to help me bring the idea to life! But somewhere down the line, I would always veer in a different direction. My drive would be short lived and I would eventually stop pursuing.

My mentor, Pastor Deona Benson, has written a book entitled, “Get Finished.” -GO ORDER IT!- Thinking about the title of the book, I’ve asked myself how many tasks have I left undone…how many projects have I picked up but placed them back down, UNFINISHED? I’ve learned that the problem is not getting started, its getting finished. We have so much motivation in the beginning but as time goes on, we find ourselves slowing down more and more. Ultimately, we just stop all together. Our motivation fades, discouragement kicks in, and our big idea becomes a distant memory. We have a bad habit of starting but never finishing. I need you to keep pursuing. It’s not too late for that idea. What do you want to do? What’s your goal? What’s your dream? Have you stopped pursuing? Pick it back up and run with it!! Stay motivated. Stay confident. Stay in motion. Get finished!

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