It’s Not Okay To Settle With Not Being Okay! #NoPityParty

IMG_0240In the last blog, we found out that It’s okay to not be okay. Now since we know that, we have to pick ourselves up from not being okay! What’s not okay is settling with not being okay! Somewhere, we have to have a will to get up and keep pushing. We get knocked down and sometimes we knock ourselves down but there has to be an inner strength that refuses to stay down. I heard Pastor David Walton say, “My assignment is more powerful than my feelings!” That is such a true statement. As I previously stated, we all have feelings and sometimes we act according to them. However, that does not mean we allow our feelings to take over and dictate the future. Where is your drive? What happened to your determination? You still have an assignment! You still have purpose! Don’t let your feelings lure you to a prolonged pity party. Don’t settle for an “I’m waiting to be okay” mindset. Problems will not stop coming, persecution does not slow down, and adversity still waits around every corner. But guess who has to make a daily decision to get over those feelings and conquer the barriers? You do!

I got a secret for you! Remember the last problem you had? Guess what, you made it out! Remember the last time you thought you couldn’t do it? Guess what, you did it! Remember when you thought the last storm would kill you? Guess who’s still here, YOU are!!! This means that the strength you didn’t see last time has probably grown stronger and you can overcome this too! What’s not cool is to settle for the comfortability of the attention at the pity party! Getcho’ butt up and keep running!

Even if people understand why you’re not okay, its still not acceptable to settle for not being okay! Let your drive for greatness be greater than the impact of what ever knocked you down!

I need you to get yourself together and say, “I’m okay now!”

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  1. Just started reading your blogs and they have spoke into my life completely!!!!love this kind of inspiration and motivation

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