Take the Next Step


Why do we hesitate to take action? I’m not talking about uncertainty. I’m talking about knowing what needs to be done and what should be done. Is it fear that grips us? Or is it procrastination? Either one is unacceptable. What good is it to spend all day dreaming but never take action towards making it reality? We spend countless hours, days, months, and years talking about “I want to” or “one day” but we never take action on making our “one day” turn in to today! We tend to settle for the thought of having a vision. I know that the Bible says that we should have a vision- but the purpose of that is to help you to see past today and work towards the future. What are you waiting on to take the next step? What is causing you to stop at the point of just having a vision? Is it money, friends, insecurities, fear…what? Your vision is waiting on you to take the next step! We talk a big game about our goals and dreams but our walk is minimal! Take the next step! We tend to let fear of failure cripple us before we even try! You know, fear of failure is a foolish reason to not move! How does this sound, “I didn’t try because of the chance of me failing”? Sounds foolish, right. We allow the fear of a chance of failure to outweigh our will to even try! That’s mind-blowing! We would much rather not even try because of a thought! After all, that’s what it is…a thought of failing. So the thought of failing keeps us from moving!

Reminds me of the Valley of the Shadow of Death. All we hear is the “Valley of Death.” We forget that they are only shadows of death! It’s not death itself. But the thought of death keeps us from walking through the valley. But in actuality we should’ve heard the “Valley of Shadows!” Now think about your next step the same way! It’s nothing to really hold you back but the fear in your mind and your own hesitations! Take the next step! So what if you experience failure. That only means you tried and that way didn’t work! But the vision is still there so just find another step to take! The point is, sometimes we cripple ourselves by listening to our fears and the negative whispers in our mind. But when we can overcome the fear of the unseen and the unknown our feet will be a little lighter to pick up and our steps will become a little more swifter. One step at a time is all it takes. Even if you’re not running, you’re in motion!

What’s holding you back from walking? Your next step may be planning or it could be praying for a plan. Whatever it is, take it!

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