Growing Through the Struggle


Your struggle is not uncommon. Just because this is your first time facing it, does not mean it has never happened to someone else. Just because you have never heard of anyone in this situation does not mean no one else is experiencing it! It only means you have never heard someone else say it! Stop robbing yourself of big dreams and hope for the future because you think your situation is that bad. You shouldn’t feel like you don’t measure up because you have a struggle or because you deal with things. Everyone has a struggle! We just deal with them differently. I’m not glorifying the struggle, nor am I saying its okay to remain in the struggle. I’m simply saying that having a struggle is a part of life and no matter who you are or who you think you are, the struggle does not discriminate! With that being said, don’t disqualify yourself because of life! Living and making decisions sends the invitation out for uncomfortable circumstances. But the good thing about that is, uncomfortable circumstances are usually a driving force for change. No one wants to stay uncomfortable. No one wants to remain in the struggle. So what is the solution? Growth! Because of the struggle and how uncomfortable it makes us, we tend to search for comfort! And in our searching, we send out an invitation for a solution! Our solution offers us the opportunity to grow through our struggle while going through our struggle! So thank the struggle for your growth!

One more thing, one awesome thing about being a believer is the knowledge of God and his amazing grace! I was sitting in a mentoring class one Saturday morning and I heard someone say, “God understands your brokeness!” This encouraged my heart in more ways than one! This let me know that no matter how crazy I feel, no matter how deep I feel like I’m drowning, or how emotional I can get, He still understands. It didn’t catch Him by surprise and my struggle is not stronger than the strength of His grace that holds me up daily! Stop saying “No one understands” or “This is a different situation.” Your struggle is not uncommon. It’s still a struggle and it can still be defeated!

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