See Yourself Bigger

IMG_4787In my previous blog, I wrote about Preparing While Petitioning and of course, I was put to the test! It never fails! Anytime I decide to give someone advice or an opinion based on a certain thing, I find myself being tested on my own advice! My husband asked me a question. He asked me if I had the income, would l live in a house and have a $5,000 mortgage. Without hesitation, I instantly said “No sir, I would NOT!” He asked me why and my reply was “$5,000 per month is just too much and I wouldn’t feel safe.” He asked me to explain. I said, “if we fall on hard times, we can borrow $800 to pay our mortgage but we can’t just go borrow $5,000 per month!” Here I was, thinking small and expecting the worse.

In my mind, if either of us lost our jobs, we can still survive from one income with an $800 mortgage. If we had to pay $5,000, I would have to have a plan B, C, and D in order to feel secure within myself. This was my mindset. Not realizing that I had just written a blog about myself, I sent it to my husband to read. Of course, after he read it, he reminded me of my small thinking and he showed me how I had contradicted myself. Truth is, I only heard him say “pay a $5,000 mortgage” but he really said “if we were making $25,000 per month, you wouldn’t pay a $5,000 mortgage.” I’ll admit, I was thinking small and in fear, until I found the house in the photo and fell in love with it! Once I saw the house, I told myself that I deserve this and its possible to obtain! I didn’t care about the price of the house, all I knew was, I wanted it! Yep, all $900K of it, which equaled out to be around $5,000 per month!

The moral of the story is: Once you spend your time in preparation after you’ve made your petition, see yourself as such! What’s crazy is, I could easily see us having the income of $25,000 per month but I couldn’t see myself comfortably paying a $5,000 mortgage. My mindset was stuck in the thought of having to borrow to survive; all because of a “just in case.” I had to expand to bigger thinking! You’ve expanded your mind to think bigger, now you have to actually see yourself bigger! Don’t spend your life praying and wishing and preparing when it’s within reach! It may not be a mansion or anything physical, it could be anything! There are no limits. You work hard in the preparing stage so you can smoothly transition in to the manifestation of whatever your petition is! Begin to see yourself there! Of course the time is not now for my $900K home but I’m in preparation and I’m seeing myself bigger! Add a vision to your petition, prepare for it, and take action!

14 thoughts on “See Yourself Bigger”

  1. Thank you girl!!! This just helped my small mindset. I see the bigger picture!! ❤️

  2. WOW!!!
    This just confirmed something in my prayer time JUST THIS MORNING on my way to WORK!!!
    HA!!!! Keep allowing GOD to use you Kanesha!!!! You are HELPING US!!!

  3. I needed this reminder!! I too have been praying & believing for something big. I KNOW that NOTHING is too big for God, but sometimes in the waiting we start to doubt what God has promised. Thanks for this! It gave me the encouragement I needed to keep holding on!!

  4. If you have a big down payment you can afford to live in a $1,000,000 home. Let’s hypathetically say you put $200,000 your monthly notes will be three thousand and something in a one million dollar home. Very possible, especially with God … my next goal! Bless you for your blog!

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