Original vs Carbon Copy

IMG_0040Originality is not appreciated anymore…carbon copies are more acceptable!
Now days we find so many that survive off of the patterns of other people. It seems as if originality is not valued anymore. What’s so scary about stepping outside of the box? Are we afraid of rejection? Do we fear being shunned because we’re not identical to the masses? As much as we like the same things and as much as we have commonalities, we are still very different in our own way! Our originality is what defines us, not the fact that we can look or act just like someone else. Be You! Be Younique! I understand being mentored and having role models but the idea is to be guided by them, not to become them! Even in learning and growing from others, you should still have a sense of originality about yourself!

When I started telling people about my blog, most didn’t understand why I would create a whole website and just write on the internet. Even today some people don’t understand why I desire to be a writer. They felt like it should just be a diary or journal type of thing but not something I should take seriously especially since I don’t personally know too many writers that have a career in writing. But I knew that was my desire and that was the thing that made me different. It’s more to me than just saying I wrote a book or I want to be a Best Seller, it’s actually a passion and I feel like it’s a part of my originality!

Don’t get me wrong, it goes way beyond people. Sometimes its the lack of thinking outside the box. We can’t all be models. We can’t all be athletes. All of us are not called to be artists or singers. Even if we admire the gifts and the talents, the truth is still that, that gift was not given to us. Maybe your gift is a little different and that’s okay! I have a friend that loves to wear different colored hair and I mean DIFFERENT! But that’s her form of originality. I have another friend that likes to dress in very bright colors year-round but then I have another friend that only wears black! That’s their originality! I found out that confidence tends to rise when originality is in full effect. Maybe it’s because there’s no pressure to be a carbon copy and one can truly be themselves. Maybe that’s the issue…the pressure of being a carbon copy decreases the desire for originality. Being a carbon copy has no cause for thinking outside the box or purpose searching because you simply duplicate something else. While this may seem simple because it removes the pressure of not fitting in, it’s still not original. It’s not you! It’s okay to be different. It’s perfectly fine to be a protégé just don’t become a duplicate production.

It’s okay to be the first! Embrace your originality! It’s what makes you, You!

5 thoughts on “Original vs Carbon Copy”

  1. Amen Hallelujah,I only want to be me original and not someone else.love you girl and keep helping me to be me.

  2. Chandra, you are a gifted writer also a very gifted motivator! <3 I know you work with the young ladies at church, what about the young amen? My 14 yo needs to hear some of your messages. You GO GIRL!

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