Silent Supporters


Have you ever wondered about those who see your efforts but they never seem to acknowledge your work? I have. I had convinced myself that only a hand full of people were seeing my Facebook statuses because it was always the same people giving feedback. I was wrong. Very wrong.

One day I was in Wal-Mart and a lady walked up to me and said, “I enjoy your Facebook posts. I don’t comment or hit the like button but I visit your page often just to see what you post.” While her statements did warm my heart, I still silently questioned why the lady didn’t like or comment on my post; especially since she seemed to be following my page so closely. And just like that, from her remarks, I created a new name for people like her…Silent Supporters.

Whether we admit it or not, we have all been just like this lady at some point. Some of us may still be at that point. However, just in case you are one of those people who support everybody and you receive little to no support in return, don’t be dismayed. It’s not because you’re unnoticed. It’s not because no one sees. It’s not even because people are not paying attention to you. It’s because some people silently support. They may never let you know that they are watching, but they are! They may never compliment you but I guarantee you, they can tell someone exactly what you did and how you did it, because they are silent supporters. They are like the little emoji eyes that peep out from behind the bushes to see what your next move will be and who’s moving with you.

So with all that being said, does this minimize your greatness because they don’t acknowledge it openly? No, of course not! This only means that YOU have to make sure you bring your “A” game constantly. You have an audience that you know nothing about and they’re watching! And while they’re watching, they’re being strengthened and encouraged by YOU! So I say, keep pushing. Just because no one tells you that your life inspires them does not mean you’re not inspiring. Even if you never hear someone say, “I love your work” does not mean no one loves your work! Some people just have the tendency to silently support, for whatever reason. WHICH IS FINE!!! Why? Because GREATNESS has never been based on open acknowledgement. GREATNESS has never been dependent on the praises of other people. GREATNESS speaks for itself. And when it’s carried properly, no one will be able to ignore or overlook your GREATNESS, even those who may never acknowledge it.

Be sure to hold your head up and always put your best foot forward because even when it doesn’t seem like it, they’re watching! They’re a fan of your work. Remember, even legions of demons were able to recognize GREATNESS.


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