It’s Hard to Walk Forward While Looking Back


I remember praying constantly to God and asking Him to help me to release a certain stronghold in my life. It seemed as if the harder I prayed, the stronger the hold would get. Many times I made up my mind that I was letting it go and everything that came with it but I always found myself creeping back to it one way or another. Then He showed me, my heart was trying to move forward but my feet were walking backwards! I was praying one thing but my actions were contradicting my prayer. God was trying to honor my request but because He gives us free will and I was pulling in the opposite direction.

I could see my future ahead of me and I knew that the situation I was in would only prolong my journey. I knew that if I could only release myself and be free from my stronghold, my life would take off and productivity would take place. But I was in so deep until some days I would convince myself that I didn’t have to release my stronghold, I could just adjust my life to it! I couldn’t have been further from the truth. When we compromise our freedom to stay bound we are basically saying our future can wait. We allow our struggles and our circumstances to overpower our purpose.

Make a conscious decision to not waste anymore time by looking back. If you want to walk forward, pick up your feet and make the biggest step you’ve ever made! Not only is it a step towards your freedom, you’re making a step out of your situation! Once you make that first step, you’ll notice the weight on your ankles will become lighter and it’ll become easier to put one foot in front of the other! And just like that, you’re walking in the same direction as your prayers!

It’s time to leave it all behind and face forward! It’s time to line your feet up with your words!

9 thoughts on “It’s Hard to Walk Forward While Looking Back”

  1. Today’s blog post is my reason to keep going. THANK YOU MINISTER! As I read, one word came to mind. Complacency. I’ve been complacent in certain situations regarding work. I’ve been complacent with the minimum of what I away knew how to do which held me back from moving forward. Letting go of the old and begin into the new direction God has for me has been my struggle. I was afraid to pick my feet up and walk in the new because I wasn’t familiar with it, so, instead I consciously decided to stick with the old.

    But something happened! Like yourself, I made a conscious decision, although I was afraid, and I walked out of the old into the new, finally! I did it scared and all. BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE EVER MADE! The hardest part of pursuing my goals and dreams was making the decision. I’m now putting in the work waiting to see it all manifest into something greater.

    Thank you Chandra K! I love you and please keep them coming. Your authenticity and transparency is rare now days. You are a blessing! Thank you for your blogs!

  2. Thanks for this encouraging word!! Your blogs really helps me and see me for me!! Keep continuring to post, because of your reallness you’re helping a lot of us. Your boldness and honest helps people realize no matter what we may be going through keep pushing and looking to God!!! Be Blessed

  3. If I never needed a word Lord you didn’t just give me a word you gave me the word that I needed.

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