Live On Purpose


This month, let’s try something different. Let’s try purpose living. Let’s make a conscious effort to live intentionally. No trial and error, but on purpose! How do we live on purpose? First, we must have a guideline or a plan! There is no way to live intentionally if you have no plan, no idea, or no sense of direction. Purposeful living requires confident decisions!

So lets decide today what we want to do. Are we going to enter August, the month of “new beginnings,” living by chances and guesses? Are we going into a new month with the same mindset? Do our goals still exist or did they fade away with our drive to do better? Will you have the day-to-day mindset and just accept whatever you’re offered for that day? Or will you make everyday count as an opportunity to experience the “new?” It’s up to you! You get to decide. I decided to set a different goal for every week in this month! That’s only 4 goals and I’m ready to crush them! My goal is, by the end of the month, I’ll be able to say, I am much stronger than I was when the month first began! August will be full of purposeful living and intentional decision making!

I encourage you to always have a goal! Always have a plan. Don’t be caught lost in the shuffle. You’re too great for that. A person of your magnitude has to have a target. Your purpose is too important for you to be living without a goal! Set yourself up for a great month! This is the beginning of great beginnings for you! Let’s adopt the first of every month to plan the rest of the month! This way, no day goes wasted and progress is constantly being made. This begins our purposeful living!


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  1. Amen,setting my plans and goals in place now because this is the new beginning month,I’m ready

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