Living On Purpose: Taking The Next Step

IMG_0276In the last blog, we discussed living on purpose. The previous blog was specifically for planning and writing the vision. Hopefully, by now, we’ve acknowledged God and made our request known to Him so that He can direct our paths and confirm that we are moving in the right direction. This means that we are ready to take action.

Today, let’s get a little more practical. We should have our planner completed and our goals written down. So now let’s take the appropriate actions to get there! This week, lets work on researching things pertaining to our goals. Let’s set up meetings with people that can help us reach our goals or point us in the right direction. Make yourself aware of resources and tools that could be valuable to you. This season in your life could be a big deciding factor for your future. Time after time you’ve said “I want better for my life” or “one day I want to do this.” This is your chance to make it happen. Time is actually on your side as long as you’re using it wisely. Another thing is, we can not afford to have wasted resources! Every opportunity and every move must be intentional with purpose in mind. This keeps our focus on the goal and leaves little room for distractions that may veer us off course.

Growing up, I thought that living a successful life was going to work everyday, attending church every Sunday, being a good Christian, and preparing myself and those around me to die and meet Jesus. While some of this may be true, it left me feeling bad for chasing my dreams and pursing something that I wanted to do or something that I was interested in. As I grew older, I learned that it’s not wrong to have passions and to pursue them. I learned that we are able to live the dream we desire. I learned that God wants us to prosper even as our souls prosper. So, if you have the mindset of “I can’t step outside of the normal box because my life has to remain simple,” get rid of it! The Bible says that He wants us to live an ABUNDANT life! It’s possible for you! See it for yourself and go get it!!!

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