Self-Seeking, Self-Sufficient, Self-Reliant, Selfish


We know that self-sufficiency is defined as not needing any aid or assistance; self-reliant, not requiring any outside help. It’s a good thing to be independent, as long as it’s paired with humbleness and humility. In a sense, we all strive to reach an aspect of self-sufficiency, especially financially but sometimes it can be taken too far and used negatively. And if we are not careful, self-sufficiency becomes “I don’t need anybody for anything”…but in the wrong way. These type of people are dangerous.

Be careful with those who feel as if they don’t need anybody. These people are usually less compassionate for others because they can not relate to anything, other than themselves. They tend to be more wreck less with their words because they see themselves as self-reliant. They see little to no need to repair friendships or connections. So they’re usually not sensitive to the needs and feelings of those that are around them. These type of people usually have a hard time connecting, establishing, and maintaining long term relationships and friendships due to their lack of need for anyone. There is usually no regard for the lives of others, only for themselves and the things that concerns them. So, I asked myself “How can one go from being a simple independent person to being an arrogant self-seeking individual?”

Like this…once a mindset is developed of not needing anyone, it’s paired with the mindset of “look at me, I’m doing this on my own!” People who usually obtain this mindset, gains fuel and validation from making sure others notice their self-sufficiency. At that point humility and humbleness goes out the window! After all, what good is it to have something if no one knows you have it. This is because the person feels no value of their life and success unless there is an audience.

Some characteristics of a self-seeking, self-reliant, and self-sufficient person are things like conceitedness, boastfulness, and selfishness. If we are not careful, these things can sneak up and overtake us, especially when we are seeing a constant flow of blessings. Unknowingly, we can turn into the self-sufficient person, needing no one or nothing. No matter how blessed or lifted God blesses us to be, we will always need someone. So today, the challenge is to search our hearts and minds. Be honest with yourself. Do you obtain any of these characteristics? Have you found yourself saying you don’t need anyone? I understand that some connections are poisonous but the fact still remains that everybody needs somebody.

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  1. Beautifully put,checking myself, and totally agree everybody needs somebody even if they don’t want to admit it,Jesus is number one ☝️.Very powerful!!!!!

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