The Silver Lining

IMG_0316We know that a “silver lining” is a metaphor for optimism. It is derived from the thought of “every cloud has a silver lining.” Do you look directly at the clouds or do you look beyond the clouds in search for the silver lining? Optimism can be a big deciding factor in how long the “bad situation” lasts. Have you trained yourself to see the bad and just take it as it is? Or do you take a moment to try to identify the good in it?

You have to train yourself to always look for the hope in the situation.
It seems as if we are accustomed to focusing on the problem or the situation itself. The solution appears to be distant and unclear. The “now” time seems cloudy and troublesome but I want to challenge you to do something. I want to challenge you to change your perspective. Instead of looking for the worse to happen, look for hope in the midst of your bad situation.

It may be dark outside but look for the moon to light your pathway. When it gets dark, the stars shine. When it gets dark, the lights that line the pathway are able to be seen more clearly.

Look for the silver lining. The bad situation still possess some good! You just have to look for it. It’s easy to see the obvious, which is the bad, but you have to search for the good! I believe that there is always a silver lining. Even if it’s only the knowledge that we get from the bad experience. The silver lining is usually seen once you look beyond the obvious. Look for hope. Look for the silver lining.

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