Prayers for Texas


Today there will be no inspirational blog. Today, we will focus on how we can help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. There has been many rumors and speculations about the actions of others but I have one question. Have you contributed? If so, thank you. If not, I’ve researched a few ways you could help. No, we can’t all hitch up and hit the highway. No, we can’t all adopt a family to move in with us until it’s over. And no, we can not sacrifice our light bill money to donate. But everybody can do something! Find out where you can be of assistance to this matter. I found out that in times of disaster, some people would much rather point the finger at someone else and criticize them for not acting as we think they should, instead of just managing our own lives and seeing what we can do to help. I won’t go into detail about the whole church situation because ultimately, some people will only see as far as their perception will allow them to. So instead of opening up a debate session, I decided to post opportunities for us to be the help. Now, for those who feels as if there is not enough being done, here is your chance! We all know that love is an action word. So let’s show love! Let’s be love! Let’s reach beyond the microphone and pick up a shovel.

Depending on your area, these are some possible routes that you can consider.

Brown Missionary Baptist Church has opened their gymnasium as a 24 hr Red Cross Shelter.
980 Stateline Rd. E.
Southaven, MS 38671
Text DONATION to 662-262-1421 and give $10.00
You can also volunteer to help.
Church Office: 662-342-6407

Sardis Chamber of Commerce will be receiving hygiene and cleaning supplies to be sent to Houston
If you are on Facebook, see the Sardis Chamber of Commerce page for a list of items they are accepting. The list is pretty lengthy and detailed.
Please drop any items off at:
Justeezin Salon located on Main St. in Sardis, MS
Contact Jan at 662-487-3920 or
Michelle at 662-604-0459

Houston Food Bank
535 Portwall St.
Houston, TX 77029
To find a pantry or for additional information, call 832-369-9390

American Red Cross
330 Alex Cove
Southaven, MS 38671
You can give tangible donations or monetary donations here.
Donate $10.00 by texting 90999.
Or call 1-800-RED-CROSS

Salvation Army
Or call 1-800-725-2769

Listen, if none of these fit your situation, I admonish you to pray. Pray and bring awareness of these resources. Pray that God sends relief and comfort to those affected and those who have yet to be affected. We can not control nature but we can control our response to it! I’ve never lived in a flooded house or been made to evacuate because of these conditions so I can not say what I would or would not have done. This disaster showed me how I could be doing more to help on a daily basis, not just when a storm comes. All I know is, we can do something! So lets band together and do it!


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