The Label Vs. The Product


One night I was watching Pastor Bill Winston and he said something that grabbed my attention. He said “God doesn’t see you as you were, He sees you as He said.” That’s our God! He sees the good in us because that’s how He made us! He made us good. As a matter of fact, everything He made was good!

God didn’t create robbers, liars, and cheaters. Those are characteristics that people pick up as they go through life. And while this may be the label, this is still not the product! The label is the characteristic that only describes the actions and perceptions of the product. However, the quality of the product is not based on the label! And that’s exactly how God sees us. He sees us as the “good” that He created!

Take a minute to think about your label. Think about what your label reads. Of course it may read a little difference according to whose eyes we are looking through. It’s amazing how two people can be holding the same product but because of different perceptions, one sees the label different than other one. People have labeled you because of your characteristics, because of lies, because of opinions, because of misinformation, or even because of second-hand information. Truth be told, some of this information on your label could be accurate based on your decisions. Your characteristics may not reflect your “good.” But guess what! God still calls you GOOD! Why?! Because that’s what He created! He created GOOD!

If God sees you as He said, what’s causing you from seeing yourself that way? Is it the label that keeps getting in the way? That was my problem. I knew who He created me to be but because of my characteristics and decisions in life, my label kept distracting me from seeing the “good” that He saw me as. You have the opportunity to change your label! Change your characteristics and your decisions and you’ll change your label. If the label keeps distracting you, rip it off. Once you rip the label off the product, you’re able to see the product directly, not the label, not the characteristics, not the opinions, not the amount of fat or salt, but the actual product itself! And that product is GOOD! That product is YOU!

See yourself GOOD!

-I know I owe an explanation because this blog is not PCOS related. Forgive me. Look for an awareness blog later this month! Thanks!

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  1. I absolutely love this šŸ™ŒšŸ½šŸ™ŒšŸ½šŸ™ŒšŸ½ Ripping off the labels so I can see the GOOD PRODUCT !

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