Secure The Win


We hear the word “winning” a lot now days. While this is a positive message, I think we need to take a minute and see if we’re actually winning and how this word applies to our lives, truly.

Are we really winning? You appear to be winning but you’re distracted! You’re blessed but you’re off focus! In a race, the runner that’s ahead does not turn around and address the losing runner, he keeps running to secure the win! What if the first place runner stopped running, mid-race, just to address a rumor that was started by the second runner, crazy right? If you’re already running and you’re in a good position, the rest shouldn’t matter! You’re winning! We spend too much time defending ourselves and not enough time focusing on what’s already accomplished. This is when our winning turns to losing. You can’t win by correcting the crowd, you win by running the race that is set before you. What’s awesome about this real life race is, even if someone finishes before you, you can still be a first place winner. How? Because your race is your race! The Bible tells us to run the race that was set before us! You have your own race to win and everybody else has their own!

Let’s look at losing. We never say “I’m losing.” Of course we don’t. Like, who would really declare themselves as the loser? No one, right? But we carry ourselves as such sometimes without even knowing it. Losing is when you don’t put your best foot forward because of fear. Losing is when you don’t even try due to the circumstances. Losing is accepting the situation and not doing all you can to make it better. It’s not enough to just say you’re winning because you want others around you to think you’re winning. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter at that point. The goal is to actually WIN!

Winning is waking up in peace…not because you have a house or a car, but because your life is in order, not speaking of perfection but in planning and effort. You’re winning because you know that you’re in the right position at the right time in your life. Winning is knowing that you put your best foot forward and you gave it all you had. Regardless of the results, you win because that was the best you could do! Winning is when the extra no longer concerns you but being a better you is a priority. Winning is deciding to live life and not be overtaken by it. Be a winner.

Spend your time winning for real.

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