Greatness lies in all of us! Sometimes we think greatness is derived from things or the people around us. This is not true all the time.
I remember having a conversation with someone and they felt like because of the hand they were dealt in life, greatness was beyond them. They did not grow up in a two parent home. They grew up without a father and their mother made some horrible decisions while raising them and their siblings. This person felt as if they started life behind and because they didn’t have a supportive household, it would be too difficult to make something of themselves. I watched this person grow up and I noticed an undeniable determination in them. It seemed like the harder their life got, the harder they pushed towards greatness. In my opinion, this person was striving so hard because of opposition they had to face while growing up and there was an inward desire to create a better life. So eventually, this person realized that they were very talented and no matter what the outside conditions appeared to be, they still possessed greatness!
This may not be your situation. You may have grew up in a perfect household but you made some bad decisions and this caused you to have a bad reputation. Or maybe you hooked up with the wrong person and you’ve had a few setbacks in life. Or maybe you just didn’t catch on as fast as others so now you feel like you’re running behind in life. No matter what YOU think about yourself and your situation, the fact still remains that there is greatness in you.
One example I love to use is the state of Mississippi. While this is my home state and I love it, “The Sip” is known amongst the other states as always being behind. Mississippi has low literacy rates. It’s not the richest state by far, as a matter of fact; it’s been listed as the poorest. Our health statistics suck horribly and it’s viewed by some as having poor race relations. However, in all of that, Mississippi has given birth to some of the greatest names to ever be mentioned. It’s amazing how the poorest state in the U.S. has given birth to one of the richest women in the world, Oprah Winfrey. Not only that, Elvis Presley  came straight out of Mississippi. James Earl Jones, which is Prince Akeem’s father, and the voice of Mufasa, was born in Mississippi.
This lets us know that no matter what it looks like and no matter what’s happening around you, greatness is still there! There is greatness in all of us. No matter what walk of life we come from, we still qualify for it! Your bad situation won’t last always. Your tough time won’t last always. The greatness in your life has to come out and once it does, you’ll understand why the bad situations and tough times had to happen. It birthed greatness out of you!!!

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