Forgetting and Reaching


Philippians 3:13 tells us that we should forget those things that are behind and reach towards those things which are ahead. Let me be the first to say, I know this is much easier said than done. Regardless as to whether it’s your fault or someone else’s fault, the fact is that sometimes it’s hard to forget those things in the past.

One of my Facebook friends posted a status this week that said “Don’t stumble over something that is behind you.” This spoke volumes to me. As I thought about it, I started evaluating my life. I have stumbled over things behind me countless times. This was all because I failed to reach towards those things that were ahead. I had convinced myself that I had to live in those “past times” because they had to be fixed. I had convinced myself that the only way I could reach towards those things that were ahead was if I went back and corrected my past. True, we have to deal with our past so we can be healed and move forward. But we do not have to re-live it! Sometimes, in order to reach for those things which are ahead, we have to simply forget about those things which are behind. Sometimes an apology is in order, sometimes an explanation is necessary, and sometimes doors have to be shut and locked in order for us to forget those things which are behind.

A few things that makes it difficult to forget those things which are behind is guilt, conviction, condemnation, hurt, disappointments, open doors, and a big one is unforgiveness. When we are faced with these things, we are constantly reminded of those things which are behind. I will be the first to say, hurt has damaged me and prevented me from forgetting some things that happened in my past. Once I realized that it was hindering me from reaching forth, I had to make a conscious decision to stop waiting for an apology and forget it. My waiting for an apology was just my excuse to hold on to those things which were behind me. Not realizing that I was only hurting myself because I was not reaching forward. I knew I was a better person than I was allowing myself to be but unforgiveness gripped me until it didn’t seem important to reach anymore. One day I looked in my book and I realized how I was abandoning my purpose and I placed my future on hold because I decided to allow my emotions to control me. I realized that as friendly as I am, sometimes I have to be nonchalant in order to keep reaching.

Have we reached perfection? No. Will we still be hurt and disappointed? Yes. Will we still make mistakes? Yes. However, we can not allow these things to keep us from reaching towards those things which are ahead. Today, make it right. Forget and reach!

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