Distracted Driver


Someone swerved into my lane while I was driving. I was honking and yelling. After they had moved back into their own lane, I was still upset, holding on to the fact that they almost ran me off the road! Once I got in front of them, I found myself trying to look in my rear view mirror to see what they were doing. I wanted to see what was so important that caused the driver to lose focus and almost cause an accident. As I was investigating the drivers situation, I heard another horn honking. While I was trying to figure out what caused someone else to almost cause an accident, I got distracted. The other horn was honking at me! The first drivers distraction had distracted me! I was swerving into someone else’s lane because I kept looking back at the first driver! I noticed that the driver that honked at me was upset and they were looking into my vehicle to see what was causing my distraction.

I started thinking, had I caused an accident, it would be simply because I was trying to figure out what was going on in someone else’s lane. How often do we open the door for turmoil in our lives because we are more interested in someone else’s situation? We will spend countless hours and days at a time trying to figure out a situation in someone else’s life, all while neglecting our own because something else has our attention. How many days have we went Facebook lurking in search of puzzle pieces to connect one person with another? Or one child to another parent? Or simply just to put someone on blast and let everybody know that you’ve been wronged? Whatever the situation is, it’s causing a distraction in your lane!

True, that first driver was wrong but it’s also true that I was wrong. I should have warned the driver, as I did, and simply refocused on continuing my journey in my own lane. I believe I was more embarrassed because the very thing I was holding against the first driver had now become my issue. If I had simply moved on, I wouldn’t have disturbed the journey of the second driver. Think about your life today. Are you so distracted by the business of others until you’re swerving out of your rightful lane? Are you trying to diagnose the issues of others while neglecting to see your own distractions? Be honest.

Let’s ride in our own lane. Forgive the first driver and refocus. Don’t be the cause of a greater issue because you held on to something for too long.

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