Off-Season Training; Fight Til The Finish


As we finish up the series of off-season training, I want you to reflect on one issue that you’ve encountered since the beginning of this series. Think about how hard it seemed and how difficult it may have looked. It may have even look as if there was no way out. Now think about the process you went through because of this issue. Think about how you stuck it out and kept moving forward. Think about how you pushed through everyday. You didn’t allow the distractions to detour you. You didn’t allow the hardships to kill you. You didn’t allow the theists to puncture your faith. You stood strong. You fought til the finish.

If no one ever tells you, I’m proud of you! Even if i never meet you, have a conversation with you, or get to hear your story, I’m still proud of you. It takes a strong person to decide to defeat fear everyday. It takes a strong person to face opposition head on and declare victory. It takes a strong person to go against the odds and hold their head up with confidence. But you make it look easy. Your fight shows.

I read something recently that said, “It doesn’t matter if you finish first or last, as long as you finish.” This is the goal, to get finished! And you did it! Your training paid off and your endurance pushed you to the finish line!

You were caught off guard but you still finished! Because you survived the off-season, you prepared yourself to be a champion!

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