Play To Win


What makes us feel like “RESET” is always the answer? Why do we tend to feel as if we start over, things will play out differently? Starting over with the same mindset still equals the same results. It makes no sense to constantly start over just to do the same thing that prompted the restart. There must be a change. Whether it’s a change in mindset or behavior, there has to be a change. If not, you’ll constantly search for a way out instead of a way through.

We’ve all been faced with situations that caused us to want to drop it all and just start over. I’ll admit that sometimes starting over can produce different results if actions are different. But constantly starting over indicates that there needs to be a personal change somewhere. Maybe it’s not the location. Maybe it’s not the church. Maybe it’s not your spouse. Maybe it’s not your job. Maybe it’s not your haters. Maybe its YOU. Maybe you’re handling it all wrong.

Seriously think about it for a moment. What reasons do you have to always want to start over? Are they always similar? What if you were only given one chance in life to start over? After you’ve used your one chance, you no longer have a reset button. All you have now are a hand full of cards that may not look too pretty, but you still have to play them. Maybe you didn’t pick the cards in your hand but now you have the option to choose which one to throw out. There’s still a chance that you could win. Why? Because you don’t know who you may partner up with to help you get there. There could be a ram in the bush waiting for you to arrive and rescue you but you never get there because you keep starting over.

As always, this was me. This was my mindset, just forget it and start over. But now I look back and see how much time I wasted by starting over just because baby steps were not big enough for me. I could be much further in life but because I wanted to constantly start over when I didn’t like the circumstances or the outcome, I delayed myself. I didn’t realize that I would still have to climb the same mountain when I started over. I didn’t realize that I would still have to jump the same hurdles. I thought I would start over and skip the issues but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now I wish I would have kept pushing then so I would be over it by now. But that’s not always the case.

So now, I don’t search for a reset button. I simply take the cards that I have in my hand and I play to win. I am not defined by my cards or even my partner. I am defined by my performance. If I play my cards well enough, I can still have a good outcome. Don’t be afraid of your hand, just play it.

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