5175E121-F084-43FD-B0F5-37F788501DD7Sometimes we go through things in life that places us in compromising positions. We find ourselves emotional, weak, and sometimes damaged. When “life” happens and it doesn’t feel good, we become vulnerable. We become unstable in some areas.  In times of vulnerability, we tend to seek for some sort of counsel or some sense of direction. This is not uncommon. We have established this longing to feel whole again. We want to feel safe and guarded. Being vulnerable makes us feel targeted, unprotected, insecure, and sometimes we even feel foolish and paranoid. One definition I liked was “open to attack.” And this is very true. It is very hard to walk in vulnerability and immunity at the same time. One over powers the other.

While we are vulnerable, we seek for wholeness or something to make us feel stable. It’s uncomfortable to constantly feel open or defenseless. So sometimes we find ourselves being open to all things. This is not good. This is how we find ourselves following unsound doctrine and opinions. We find ourselves digging a deeper hole. We find ourselves following the counsel of the ungodly. It is imperative as a believer that we follow the outline that has already been made for us. Even though we hurt and it does not feel good, we still have to use wisdom while we are in the healing process.

One thing I have learned, it’s okay to ask for advice but ultimately, YOU have to decide if the given advice is applicable to your life. Truth is, they have to live with the advice given but YOU have to live with the decision you make afterwards. Don’t allow your vulnerability to cause you to be tossed back and forward in the wind. Remain solid in Him. If you seek for counsel, be sure to look for stability in their life. Why would you allow and unstable person to guide you to stability?

Vulnerability can be defeated by closing up the areas that appear to be open. Become impenetrable. Replace those voids and gaps with promises and prayers. Occupy your time with productivity. Guard your eyes, your ears, and mostly, your heart.

Once you overcome being vulnerable, you’ll find that you have developed an unexplainable courage and a strength that pushes you in ways you would have never imagined!

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