Weeding Out

052A9F05-A0DE-4558-BBF5-E397ACEA161EIt’s time to address those that are constantly feeding off of you but are never able to feed you. Its time to address those unhealthy one-sided relationships. I’ve never been a fan of new year’s resolutions.  However, I do know some people that are and in addition to new year’s resolutions, people tend to go through a “weeding” process and decipher what and who to take in to the new year. If you are one of these people, the time for you to start is now. No longer can you afford to entertain unhealthy relationships that only drain you.

I have grown interest in the plant developing process. From the planting to the nurturing to the growing, it just amazes me. Today, I want to focus on one step in the gardening process. It’s called weeding out. This has to happen when you have purposeless grass and unwanted weeds growing around your seed. What happens is, your ground is tilled and cultivated, ready to transform your seeds into blossoms and the weeds seize the opportunity to be planted in a healthy environment along with your expected harvest. So the weeds begin to feed from the vitamins and nurturing of the good stuff but the thing is, the good stuff is not benefiting from the weeds. If the weeds are not separated and removed, they simply take over the entire garden. And before you know it, the vision of a beautiful garden is simply a bed of wild grass and weeds.
Nothing is worse than having an “expected harvest” but not being able to see it because of the “extra” that’s crowding it out. Another thing I found out is that when there is too much “extra” going on around the expected harvest, it taints the appearance. The harvest could actually be manifesting but the unnecessary and the unhealthy is causing it to look un-kept and shabby.

Walk through your garden and look around. Do you keep a clean area around your seeds? Or have you simply cultivated your ground as a breeding place for wild grass and weeds? Take a minute to think about the weeds in your life. Sometimes it’s not easy to separate from those things and people that we love and cherish but reality is, this one-sided relationship is crowding out your expected harvest. Your ground may be cultivated and ready to transform your seed but because you refuse to clean and maintain a health environment for your seed, it’s struggling to grow and survive.

Conscious effort time. Do you want to weed out? Or are you content with the extra? Decide.

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