Stick With The Vision


I can not begin to tell you how many projects I’ve started on but failed to finish. I was having a conversation with one of my girls the other day and she was explaining to me about how she wanted to let her business go because she felt like she was not getting the support she needed from people. I will be the first to say, yes, it can be disheartening and discouraging when you don’t get the support you desire especially from those that seem to be closest to you. However, just because your close friends and family members don’t support you in the manner that you think they should, does not mean they don’t support you at all. And it definitely doesn’t mean you should quit!

The reality is, you will never have 100% support from everybody! Never! Simply because we are different people and we don’t all like the same thing. Not only that but we don’t all have the same resources to support as someone else may have. But even bigger than that, who did God give the vision to? YOU! He gave YOU the vision, not your supporters! You have to stick to the vision that was given to you! If it is God-given, He will send the support and help that you need to walk it out. Do your ground work and put your all into it! Because it’s YOUR vision!

Not having the desired support is no excuse to stop. Thank God for those who do support and keep it moving. Maybe you’ll have to alter the plan a little, maybe you’ll have to network harder, or maybe you’ll have to tweak it a little but no matter what you have to do, stick with it! Even if I have no shares and no likes on my blog, I can’t stop writing.

Listen, I’ve learned that some people are not ignoring you. Some are just watching from afar and are observing you. Maybe they’re telling people about you and sending you referrals that you know nothing about. Maybe they’re just waiting for the right moment to fund your vision or be your next supporter but they had to see how long it would last before they got on board. What happens if you quit just before they decide to jump on? No matter what, stick with the vision! Carry it like it’s your baby. Nurture it, care for it, build it, and cover it. Once you stick it out, you’ll be glad you did!

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