Hello November!

Hello November!

The leaves 🍁 are transforming, the grass is dying, the winds are becoming cooler, and even the daylight is becoming shorter. This all signifies one thing…A NEW SEASON!

When you understand how important it is for seasons to change, you’ll embrace transformation, death, coldness, and even shortened time spans differently!

Without these things happening, the fresh roots won’t have the ability to sprout. There won’t be an opportunity for newness because the existing old would overcrowd it. The scorching heat would burn away the surfaces instead of providing it the opportunity to peacefully transition on its own….and the extended nights provides an extra hour of tranquility and rest.

As these things are taking place, I encourage you to embrace the same process in your life. Allow the seasons to change for your benefit. Allow some things to run their course and make way for new things to spring forth. God changes the weather pattern in our lives because He knows that sometimes, we get to comfortable in one season and we reject change. Embrace it! ☘️ 🍁 🍂

Happy Fall! Happy Change!

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