Bloom Where You Are!

In life, we find ourselves in seasons or places that we never imagined being. As children, we plan our life. We strategize, create images, and develop a sense of hope that our exact plans will become life within the next 15-25 years. However, as we grow up into adulthood, we realize that those plans may not have been as realistic as we thought they were. Our imaginations were so vivid until it seemed as if our plans didn’t have a choice but to manifest. Now, as time passes on, we find ourselves looking backwards and asking, “what if I had… Some of us may even find ourselves living in regrets. Yes, we all could have made better decisions and yes, we all wish we could change some things. But since we can’t go back and redo, how about just starting now? There is no time like the present to create something beautiful! There is still time because you’re still breathing. There’s still opportunity because you’re still alive. Don’t focus on what you don’t have or what you didn’t do or even where you may be. Just bloom wherever you are!!!

Think about flowers. They don’t ask for permission to bloom. They don’t even worry about what was previously planted at that particular spot of ground. They just bloom. Without permission, without validation, just the right environment! They don’t compare their beauty to other flowers around them; they just use what they have to enhance their surroundings. Flowers are planted in a specific area because the planter decided that, that particular area needs enhancement. Strategically, flowers are planted by plan. 

Your plan may not be working the way you thought it would. Your vision board may not be as realistic as you thought it was. Your financial situation may not be in abundance to fund your imaginations. But you can not allow those things to stop you. There is still time, there is still breath, and there is still a race to run. No matter where you find yourself, just decide to bloom wherever you are. The Planter hasn’t made a mistake with your location. Maybe it’s not your plan of choice but His plan is always good! So just bloom where you are! Maybe you’re not in a particular place because you’re a rose. Not a sunflower. Each flower has different stipulations for growth. And the Planter knows what environment is conducive for your growth. Don’t be distracted by the particulars. The Planter will remove the weeds, give water, provide a place for adequate sunlight, and chop the soil. Your job is to just bloom. Right where you are!

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