Rest Area

Many times we encourage others to “Keep Going.” I am an advocate for progression. I use the phrase, “keep going” very often. This phrase can be used to remind someone of their movement or their stagnation. I believe it is very important to remain progressive and encourage those around you to do the same. However, it I just as important to remind yourself and others to rest. The journey gets hard. Our pathways get difficult. Rest is necessary in order to finish your journey as your best self.

Think about the interstate. Some interstates travel from one boarder of the US to another. The span of traveling some interstates, from end-to-end, could take days. For this reason, we are provided with places to “take breaks” along the journey. These places are called rest areas. The rest area provides a place of refreshing. It provides a place for the traveler to regroup in order to continue the journey. Some parts of the journey can be exhausting and even frustrating. However, the journey must still be completed. For this reason, rest areas are placed alongside the pathway. The rest areas give us a TEMPORARY place to pull over and regroup.  There are no beds in the rest area because it isn’t meant for lodging. If you desire to sleep, you remain in your vehicle. To me, this is a reminder that YOU ARE NOT HERE TO BE COMFORTABLE….YOU ARE ONLY HERE, TEMPORARILY, TO REGROUP. Not only that, the rest area gives no room for detours and distractions. It is purposely located adjacent to the pathway of travel. This is a reminder of the task at hand. Rest. Regroup and keep going. 

Another great thing about the rest area is that it gives us the ability to release what we may have been holding during our journey. As we travel, we intake food and beverages and eventually, those things have to come out. The journey would be very uncomfortable if we continue to drive without releasing. As it relates to our lives, we intake things while we are on our journey. Those things must be released as we continue to follow the path that has been set before us. We cannot carry everything with us. There has to be a place of release. The rest area provides a private place of release and this gives us the ability to not only continue the journey, but to also “re-up” our intake capacity as we go. 

So I encourage you to take the exit. It doesn’t make you a quitter. It doesn’t make you less valuable. It certainly doesn’t change the journey. It does, however, ensure that you are rested and ready for the next part of your journey.

The exit is for the travelers rest. Regroup, refresh, and rest, so you can run again.

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