Change; Forced Refinement


When we think about change, we can look at it from two different perspectives. One is the choice to change and the other is the force to change. The choice to change is the one we usually talk about because its self-willed. However, some people were introduced to change by force. While both of them can be difficult, its usually a bit more tedious to be forced to change than to willingly moving towards change on your own. When I think about a forced change, for some reason, my mind always goes to the refining process.

Based on Webster, refine means to bring to a pure state or to make better.
Now, to bring to a pure state means that there must have been some impurities or imperfections somewhere. The refining process is not a gentle one. It’s one that usually involves intense heat and extreme pressure. This brings me back to the thought of a forced change. Most of the time a forced change involves extreme measures and what may feel like unbearable pressure. This may be because its against our will to change but its all for our purification and molding! I think the most common object we identify with the refining process is the diamond. We know that the diamond has to go through so many phases before its worn on our fingers or our wrists or around our neck. The diamond is not discovered as a finished product. At first sight, the diamond appears to look like a broken piece of glass or a simple gem lying in dirt. It doesn’t look like potential. It doesn’t look worth thousands of dollars. It doesn’t look like something you would purchase for your spouse. However, once it goes through the refining, it becomes something we’re all proud to display!

It’s just like us, at first site, we appear to be useless to some and garbage to others. Appearing to have little to no potential, we are overlooked and stepped over. Then the change happens! We face extreme pressure and intense heat! It’s not comfortable and it hurts. We’re cut and shaped in places that were out of order. Then we are polished and cleaned.

Maybe you didn’t make the choice to change, maybe you were one that were forced to change. Maybe your process was a little more tedious than someone else. No matter how you became or what route you took, you are still a diamond! If you’ve changed for the better, I applaud you. Just remember, its not the process that is paid for, its the product! In the end, you’re still worth it!

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